Maiden Voyage to Port Dinorwic

April 15, 2009

On Thursday 9th April I finally managed to escape from work & we drove down to Southampton & met up with the first of the three gentlemen brave enough to risk life & limb in order to help us sail Rampage from her berth at Swanwick Marina, to her new (if temporary) home in N. Wales. 


Russell had travelled down from Scotland so we felt duly privileged that he had come such a long way to join us.  Next day we were joined by Tony, the delivery skipper & Nick, an oncologist from Plymouth, who turned out to have met my dear friend Dr Kath Mannix (aka Stunning Ruin #1) whilst working in Newcastle.  A small world!

Friday afternoon was spent (not uneventfully) practising parking manoeuvres before retiring to the Old Ship pub for supper where we were joined by another schoolfriend of mine, Dr Maggie Price (aka Stunning Ruin #2.)  After supper, Maggie came back to inspect Rampage before departing & left an enormous chocolate egg – for which many thanks! 

Next morning we set off down the Hamble River and out into the Solent on our way to Falmouth.  The wind was from the South West so we were obliged to motor virtually all the way but with the tide in our favour we made good time & arrived in Falmouth at 1.30pm on 12th, (Easter Sunday) where were joined shortly afterwards by Polly & Tommy bearing chocolate rabbits & eggs.  The weather was glorious so the four of us had lunch together at a cafe overlooking the harbour.   After the obligatory inspection of Rampage by P&T, Duncan snoozed & the rest of us sat on board Rampage enjoying the warm sunshine & discussing a liveaboard tied up nearby.

We set off again from Falmouth at just after 7pm that evening, enjoying a fabulous sunset – see pics!  The wind picked up and at last we were able to sail & continued to do so for the next 30 hrs or so, until we turned right at Bardsey Island!  The weather in the Bristol Channel was uninspiring – overcast & wet; the winds increased to force 5 to 6 & the sea moderate to rough so our sea legs were well & truly tested.  We made excellent time however & by 11.30am on Tuesday 14th we were safely across Caernarfon Bar & had arrived at Port Dinorwic, having negotiated the lock there on arrival.

We bid farewell to our crew without whom we simply could not have coped & who were great company & put up with my moods & bad language manfully.  The others all had long train journeys in front of them, before getting back to their respective homes.  D & I tidied up Rampage perfunctorily and drove home, picking up the cats en route & discovering on arrival home that there was a small problem with the water tank in the airing cupboard & we faced more wet dirty washing than we’d bargained for!  

We covered just over 400 miles in 3 ½ days and were very tired but D had acquired his Coastal Skipper practical qualification & I had had the refresher of my Day Skipper training that I certainly needed.  With time now to practice in around the Menai Straits, we can prepare for our trip to Ireland in June.


Nick likescrisps

Nick likescrisps



  1. Hi there Seablubbers, Congratulations on surviving your maiden voyage – I much enjoyed reading/hearing about it. Will look forward to seeing more piccies and future instalments over the next year or two. Greatly looking forward to paying a visit sometime/somewhen. Love Lizzie Landlubber xxx

  2. Have enjoyed reading about your adventures so far and cant wait to read about the new and exciting things you will be doing. Really going to miss you matie! Love to you both, Pxxx

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