Praa Sands Raft Race & Shelter Box

August 3, 2009

On Sunday 2 August, Polly picked up David, Julia and I and took us to Praa Sands, a beach about 30 minutes drive away, to watch a raft race being held there.  The charity that Tommy works for as Information Officer, Shelter Box, had entered a raft made up entirely of things to be found in one of their disaster relief boxes.

The weather was great with sun and a gentle on shore breeze.  When we got to the beach, it seemed a little empty apart from the Shelter Box team who had a tent up and their raft completed.  They’d got a patch just by the car park steps so seemed to be getting plenty of attention as people came down to watch the fun.

By about 1230, there were loads of rafts about the place, all jostling for position for a quick get away when the start was sounded.  Some were clearly there for the craic – great looking rafts, loads of tipsy pirate helpers and no sense of what might make a raft actually work….  Other teams were clearly there to win, sleek looking rafts with lots of people to paddle them.

Once the starting signal was given, everypne ran down into the water with their rafts and the Shelter Box team discovered their design flaw: whilst their raft was buoyant and stable, it was very difficult to get on to….  Tommy had an especially hard job. or so it seemed to us, safely dry in shore.

The winners were out and round the buoy in what seemed to be next to no time but the Shelter Box team finished in style, being one of the few rafts not to tip up coming into the surf.

An enjoyable day out, watching other folks do the wet bit for a change….

 Link to Shelter Box website: http://www.shelterbox.org/index.asp

shelter box team raft race


One comment

  1. We had a brilliant day (whole week in fact) and it was so great that you were there!

    Good sailing and see you soon!

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