Cartagena update

September 22, 2009

This is just a quick update to let you know where we are and what we’ve been doing.

We’re currently in Cartagena Marina for a couple of days.  The wind is set from the north and we’re waiting for it to slack off a bit or move round before we set off round the corner towards Denia. 

We sailed from Marina del Este to Almerimar, a large marina/holiday development with a big liveaboard community.  We were quite tempted by the place, especially as it was reasonably priced.  We stayed a couple of nights before moving on to Cartagena via Puerto Genoves and Aguilas, both of which were anchorages rather than marinas.  This has the bonus that they’re free but no wifi, hence no updates until today.

We spent this morning buying folding push bikes.  Frankly, we should have done that before leaving UK but didn’t; we had an attack of misplaced frugality and have regretted it ever since.  Our new bikes are very smart, one red, one orange and will making shopping trips much faster and easier and also enable us to do far more exploring than hereto.

We will do some work offline on a map or two (to keep Lizzie happy) and include some pictures in our next post.

Looks like we’ll be here for a couple of days, due to the wind but still hoping to make Barcelona by mid October (don’t worry Ruins, we’ll be there!).    

We left


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  1. ok. I got my answer about the Ruins’ schedule. You can see I’m moving backwards – maybe like the wind.

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