Ruins on the Rampage! – Skipper’s maunderings pt 1

October 23, 2009

Well, the dreaded day has arrived. The ruins have finally all managed to make it to Barcelona, a minor miracle given that it seems to take any single one of them about and hour and a half just to make the morning trip to the showers. J and I went to meet the first contingent to arrive at the airport; just as well as it turned out as the change between trains in the middle of the city is entertaining, involving a long walk and easily missed signs. Kath and Terri came in on an Easyjet flight from Newcastle on Friday afternoon and it took us about an hour or so to get back to the boat, from whence the girls disappeared on an exploratory walk round the local area.

On Saturday, the girls went to the airport again to meet Maggie, who was flying in from Bristol. After a slight panic because J did know where she was flying in from they managed to meet her and then took forever to get back to the boat – something to do with drinks at the airport…. They dumped Maggies bags and took off for another walk round the bars of the area – there are lots of them, so they didn’t reappear until about 8pm, demanding to be fed.

Today, after a late start, they headed off for an early afternoon mass at Sagreda Familia, the Gaudi church in Barcelona. The orginal plan, poorly formed, was for them to return to the boat to eat leftovers for lunch. However, they sent a text late afternoon saying that they’d done lunch…… So I ate chilli with nachos for a late lunch.


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