Ruins on the Rampage! – Skipper’s maunderings pt 2

October 23, 2009

There comes a time in the affairs of man (or some such nonsense) when you really do have to sit down and reassess the whichness of why. Today is just such a day; not actually cold but overcast, rainy and with the occasional really good thunderstorm thrown in for good measure. Because of the weather, there’s no motivation to do anything other than sit round in the saloon, doing crossword puzzles and reading books.

Maggie, the last remnant of the Ruins, is deep in the Crimean War Diary of J’s great great grandfather, having been introduced to it because it makes mention of Florence Nightingale. His comments on the good lady of the lamp were focused mainly on her having a good set of teeth rather than any deep understanding of her effect on medical care for the British Army.

As you will have guessed, I’m sat at the computer, working hard to keep you all updated with the next thrilling episode of our blog. Equally, you might be able to tell that we haven’t been doing much to keep you all waiting for but there you go.

We’re still in Port Vell Marina in the middle of downtown Barcelona, where we’d quite like to stay until next April. However things seem to be stacked against us in this wish, as the marina can’t comit to giving us a berth beyond mid January. The thought of having to move in what is usually the most exciting month as regards weather doesn’t fill us with glee, so we’re reviewing our options just at the moment. The favourite alternative is Valencia in the Americas Cup Marina, which is cheap (half the price of Port Vell), is quite close to the town and has good connections to the rest of the country for trips into the interior. Watch this space – Port Vell may just be able to sort us a berth out yet.

The visit of the Stunning Ruins went well – at least from my point of view. They were all very well behaved and I didn’t see very much of them at all, as they seemed to spend most of their time either looking round museums and the like, when, of course, they weren’t making a significant contribution to the profits of the local bar owners. They turned up to be fed once a day in the evening and were prepared to do the washing up before falling into their pits. As I said earlier, well behaved if a little loud on occassions.

Someone in an earlier comment asked why they were known as the Stunning Ruins; all I can say from having spent time in their company is that the they are certainly stunning and from having seen them collectively dealing with the morning after, they’re probably qualified as ruins. You’ll need to ask one or other of them to explain if you want any further details.



  1. It may be our livers that are ruined…
    Thanks, dearest Kipper, for your discretion in your Ramblings and your patience with our ramblings. No other man alive has been present during in-depth Ruins’ meetings on such important subjects as The Hot Flush or Warrior-woman Knickers for Difficult Meetings.
    Of course, the reason there are no other men alive to bear witness is open to speculation – and may be linked to our Stunning credentials. Continued discretion is advisable.

  2. Dear crew of SY RAMPAGE Congrats on your sailing achievements(motoring too) I’ve followed you (thro’ thick and thin of the “rampages” of a dying computer)from A to ???Z AND enjoyed every inch of the way and; may I add ” I didn’t get wet once!!!!!!!!! Betty’s screaming at me to join her at “Hearbeat” gotta go –. Continue with your good luck
    Regards from an old retired “Armchair sailor ” RAY F

  3. Ray – tremendous to hear from you & delighted to know that you & Betty are following our blog! Much love to you both! Julia xx

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