Sunny Barcelona

January 10, 2010

As the days begin once again to fade into one another and one begins to loose track of what day of the week it is, perhaps it’s time once again to sit down at the computer and write an entry for the blog.  Today, just so that you know I haven’t gone completely senile, is Sunday 11 January.  It’s a lovely day here, bright sunshine and a temperature of about 10oC.  Just a touch of breeze and it feels really quite pleasant in the sun.

J and I have just been for a long(ish) walk, along the shore and then round past the zoo, into the park and back to the marina.  We were impressed with the number of people out for a walk – quite crowded in places in a direct contrast to yesterday, when the sea front was largely empty, although the weather was pretty much the same as today.

After failing to have our bags located, we contacted the insurance company on Friday and were told we could spend some money on ‘emergency replacements’ for kit that was in the bags.  So yesterday, we bought me a new pair of deck shoes in the chandlers next to the marina.  That was the easy bit; we went into town looking for underwear, sweaters and the like only to discover that yesterday was effectively day one of the sales.  To say that the place was crowded misses the point; it was heaving.  In addition, J wasn’t feeling too bright (later identified as caffeine withdrawal) and couldn’t make up her mind up about anything, so we rapidly abandoned the plan.  Now, those of you who know J know that she likes to shop, so you can imagine just how rough she must have been feeling!

We got back to the boat and had a spot of lunch and then just settled down and watched movies and ate pizza for the rest of the day.  Actually, I think J’s much better for having done that rather than trying to fight her way through a mad crowd of bargain hunting Spaniards to buy something that she didn’t really like.  We’ve decided to go to a shopping mall on the outskirts of town tomorrow to pick up where we left off.  If nothing else, there are some nice little cafes there where I can lurk whilst J makes up her mind about things.

All of this follows on from our visit to the airport on Thursday, when we tried to quiz the Iberia staff about where our bags might be.  Some hope.  The queue for the lost baggage desk was about 60 meters long and was very slow moving, so we left them to it, had a coffee and returned to the boat.  This failure led to us talking to the insurance company and now you’re back to where we started!

We’re having our main meal just now – we’ve found some lamb that didn’t need a second mortgage to buy and we’re having it with ratatouille and spuds.  Then I think we’re going to watch a few more movies or TV shows.  We’ve borrowed a stack of them from one of our friends and we’re looking forward to watching them. (Ah, such simple pleasures!)

We had thought of going to the local museum today (the history of Catalonia) but by the time we’d got up and sorted ourselves out it was only a couple of hours before the place closed, so we went for a walk instead.  I’ll finish here with the hope that those of you reading this in the UK are not frozen solid and that the snow doesn’t last too long.  Remember, there always the option of coming for a visit – book now to avoid disappointment.  Mags has already got her towel on the sun lounger for half term but I think she’s just trying to become part of the crew – oh yes, we will be going sailing that week if the weather’s half way to reasonable.



  1. He lies about the temperature – it was only 6 degrees today at best but I know the rest of you are having far worse so I’ll say nothing more! Jx

  2. Hmmmm don’t know about the temperature, but here, at least, Sunday was the 10th! (or was this irony?).

    Really looking forward to joining the crew again so I won’t annoy the Skipper too much by correcting his spelling as well.

    Look forward to hearing how you get on at the Mall. Who’d have thought this blog would be so much about clothes and shopping?
    Mags xxx

  3. Happy New Year to the Good Ship Rampage! Yes, those of us still living in cube-world are delighted to return to the land of sun (or holiday snow), food and drink with you. We’re so glad you had a great holiday. The pictures are wonderful. Can’t believe Jonno turned 30 and Polly is planning her wedding. But we’re not a day over 30 ourselves, are we?

    Take care – we miss you and are still hoping to visit.

    Love, Ruth and David

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