Skiing in the Pyrenees

February 4, 2010

All dressed up and somewhere to go....

Yeah, OK, I know, J and I don’t ski and probably don’t want to either.  But we had to give this posting a title and this seemed reasonable at the time I wrote it.

So, what have we been up to since our last post a few days ago?  Well the social whirl has slowed down to manageable proportions and we’ve been doing some more work on the boat.  Those of you who’ve stayed in the aft cabins of Rampage will appreciate all the effort that has gone into fitting a reading light which doesn’t require getting out of bed to switch off.  I’ve only done one light so far, as we only have small numbers of guests coming over the next few weeks.  Perhaps I’ll get round to fitting the other side before we leave in April.

The final act of our mad social whirl was to go out to lunch on Friday last week with Nicky and Paul.  We went to a little local place and had the menu del dia – soup, fish and pud – including ½ a bottle of local wine each for the princely sum of €11 each.  Bargain!  We’d already had a bottle of cava before leaving the boats so the rest of the day passed in a pleasant haze.

Saturday was a lazy day.  I enjoyed it immensely but Julia got a most unusual attack of conscience half way through the day because she ‘wasn’t doing anything’.  I couldn’t think of anything useful to do and didn’t mind not doing it but J clearly felt that she should have been doing something: not that she knew what she wanted to do anyway.  I give in.  Anyhow, sometime early evening, Steve gave us a call and asked if we’d like to go skiing (now you understand the title) with them the following day.  One of Steve’s crew had been going to go with them but had changed his mind so there was now space in the car.  We jumped at the chance; not to go skiing but for a day trip to the mountains and the snow.

At 0745 we met Steve and Linda at the car and then had an entertaining start to the trip whilst we tried to make sure that the Tomtom was set up with the right Las Molinas.  There seemed to be about 8 of them in Spain but we finally got the right one selected and followed the instructions to our destination.  It wasn’t a long drive – about an hour and 45 minutes but the snow didn’t appear until the last 15 minutes or so.

Ah, these are skis then! First time on skis for some years for Steve and Linda

Steve and Linda hired their skis and got lift passes whilst J and I wandered around and watched loads of small children being taught to ski.  We then watched as Steve and Linda managed to get on to the ski lift without too much trouble before walking up the edge of the piste.  We then found a route back through the woods to the bottom of the ski lifts where we met up for a spot of lunch before wandering around looking at the more difficult slopes.  As it was the first time that Linda had skied for some years, she was feeling the effects of skiing and decided to stop round about 2.30, so we all headed back to town along a different route, which was meant to be quicker but wasn’t.

I really haven't put on that much weight, just warmly dressed...

Monday was spent in biking out to a shopping mall called Diagonal Mar, where there is a large Alcampo supermarket (actually, it’s a French chain called Auchain retitled for Spanish sensibilities).  The reason for going there is simple.  Porridge.  It’s about the only place we’ve found in Barcelona that sells the stuff at a reasonable price.  You can get it at a ‘Taste of Home’ (a shop selling UK food) but everything there is very expensive.  We had a nice ride up there but had to battle into the wind on the return leg and were quite tired by the time we got back to the boat.

The high Pyrenees in all their snow covered glory

J went to gossip central (AKA Ladies Coffee Morning) on Tuesday, leaving me to go and load money on to the broadband dongle.  No problem there but she was gone for ages so I tried calling her on the mobile, only to discover she’d not bothered to take it with her.  Ah well, I relaxed in the sunny cockpit with a cold drink and a good book to await her return; she duly appeared after an exciting visit to the Born(a nearby district of Barcelona) and its market and wanted to know why I hadn’t bought bread for lunch.  I mean, this was gone 2 pm.  Once lunch was out of the way, we got down to our Spanish homework, writing a recipe.  Much cursing and consulting of dictionaries resulted but we did manage to complete the task before class started at 5.30.

Today has been a ‘busy day’.  We’ve bought new, flat fenders, as they’re somewhat thinner then the round ones and better suited to the lack of space between us and next door.  Now we’ve put them in place, they also turn out to be quieter as well – ish!  We then inflated the dinghy and cleaned it inside and out; it’s drying now prior to be repacked.  We should really have done this before we put it away last year but the weather got in the way.

Well, you’re now bang up to date with the goings on of the crew of Rampage.  We’ll update the blog again in the next few days, provided that we done enough to make it worth reading.


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  1. It’s such a pleasure to read of the Ramage doings. The pictures are wonderful and such a nice break from the weather in DC these days.

    Please drink one for David and me – we’re hoping to see you some day! Love, Ruth

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