Where did the weekend go?

March 8, 2010

I left you last time with the excitement of moving Rampage to a new berth and the amazing Joan Baez concert that we went to last week.  To be honest, not a vast amount has happened since then but given the comments that we get if we don’t publish, I thought that I’d better get on and write about the intervening period for your delight and elucidation.

The weather seems to have settled into a bit of a pattern:  one day pleasantly sunny and warm, the following day overcast and cool, the next day wet and horrid and so back to the beginning….  Today is the wet and horrid day of the cycle but the forecast promises 3 days of nice weather from tomorrow.  We shall see how it actually shapes up.  As it is, today is a good day for staying inside and catching up on inside jobs, like writing blogs.  So now you know.

Last week, after the concert, we mainly did little jobs around the boat.  Cleaning the decks down kept us occupied for a couple of hours, as they hadn’t really been done for some time.  When we were berthed stern to, we didn’t really go forward on the decks very much and hadn’t realised just how grotty they’d got, so our new berth, where we have to walk along the deck every time we get on and off, brought their state to our attention.  More importantly, the dirt was only too visible to anyone walking down the pontoon.  A happy time was had by J and me, scrubbing away and getting distinctly damp round the edges!  Now all we have to do is keep it reasonably clean rather than having to excavate through a deep layer of stuff to the deck.

The more observant of you will have noted that the title of the piece is ‘Where did the weekend go?’  There is, as you might expect, a reason for this.  In many ways, the fact that it is the weekend is an irrelevance to us, as being aged pensioners we don’t need to wait until the weekend for free time and having fun.  However, some of our friends here do still work for their living and therefore look forward to the weekend as a time of leisure.

One such friend is Steve.  He is the captain of one of the super yachts currently being refitted in the yard between the marina and the harbor entrance and lives on board his motor boat in the marina when he’s not on board the yacht.  His wife Linda is often out here from the UK but is back home just now, so it was no surprise to get a call from Steve on Friday evening seeing if we’d like to go for a drink or two.  Now, normally, we’d have been there like a shot for as long as we felt like staying.  However, we’ve been watching the serial ‘5 Days’ on BBC1 and didn’t want to miss the last episode, so we went over to the Fastnet Bar until just before it started.  This represented something of an early finish for both us and Steve, so we invited him round for a few drinks on Saturday evening, which is where it all started to go downhill.

We had a great time on Saturday, putting the world to rights and generally deciding we could do a much better job of most things than the idiots who are currently doing it, if only we were given the chance.  We were in bed quite early – somewhere round about 1.30 – 2 o’clock.

Sunday, we had Paul and Nicky round for lunch.  Poor Paul was not feeling too good and was all dosed up on cold remedy so didn’t eat too much but seemed happy to help in reducing the Spanish red wine lake, as were the rest of us.  Again, I’m not too sure of times but the resulting array of dead men by the sink was quite impressive (J says that she was quite glad that it was raining hard this morning, so that there was no one around to see the size of the bag, when she snuck out to the recycling bin with all the empties).  We had a great time and I’m sure that the world would be a much better place if someone had made a note of all our ideas and implemented them; however, I can’t remember a single one of them.  Can’t think why.

The deadmen from Sunday lined up before J took them to the bottle bank...

So you can see that the weekend has passed us by in a blur that reminds me greatly of the way it used to do when I was a junior officer and stuck in the mess over a weekend.  Nothing to do but eat, drink and have a good time with a bunch of like minded folks. 

Today has started very, very slowly.  It’s not been helped by the weather which is now trying to snow for crying out loud.  This is Spain, not England.  It’s not meant to do this over here.  Once I’ve figured out who to complain to, I’ll be getting in touch with them under the Trade Description Act – what’s happened to ‘sunny Spain’?

Yes it really does snow in Spain......

Right, that’s out of the way now.  I’ll have to see if I can get a couple of pictures to accompany this blog, as Julia says that it always look better for a picture or two.  How do I find something that helps describe our lost weekend?  All the best until next time.



  1. Splendid new berth: I can picture you!

    Assume you are still captive in UK as a result of Icelandic volcano: see, if you’d gone by Rampage you’d probably be home (well, Barcelona) by now…

    I’m sure Lily is worth it, and we all send congratulations to Barcelona and Dublin Byrnes. When will she get to test her sea legs?


  2. We’ve been back here in Barcelona for just on approaching 2 weeks, so the ash didn’t affect our trip back. However, Bron and Meg are stuck here until we figure something out! Watch this blog for further exciting details…….

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