Then there were 3 (grandchildren that is)

March 28, 2010

First, a short apology for no posts over the past couple of weeks.  No excuse except for this omission other than sheer idleness.

Now for the news.  As you may know, we’re not in Barcelona at the moment but I’m in UK whilst J is in Dublin with Naomi.  We’ve been back since last Saturday when we managed to work round the edges of the BA cabin crew strike to get back to Manchester.  J went to Dublin the following day whilst I’ve stayed with my brother Mike just outside Wrexham.  The reason we came home was for the arrival of Naomi’s baby, which was due on 19 March.

The baby was due to be born on 19 March but had clearly decided not to bother joining us just yet as there was no sign of anything happening until today.  Naomi was taken to the hospital just before midday nad by 1320 Lily had been born.  She weighed in at 10 lbs and both mother and daughter are doing well.  Ken was there for the birth whilst Granny looked after Charlie and Jessica.

At the moment, we don’t have any pictures but I’ll post something as soon as I can – J may just get something up on the site after she’s been to visit this evening.

An update, here’s a picture!

Lily Alison Byrne



  1. Congratulations to Naomi and to you all – lovely news!

  2. A very warm welcome to Lilly!! Very strange to think of Lilly as a baby girl as my pedigree Pietrain pig was called Lilly!!

  3. Oh, I want one. xxx

  4. GORGEOUS – Hope she’s as sweetsmelling as the flower she is named after! love and hugs Lizzie xxx

  5. i love you lily

  6. Congratulations to all of you ~ what a lovely addition to the family. We’re so glad that Lily & Naomi are doing well & that you made it north for her arrival. Love, Ruth and David.

  7. Hi Duncan – bumped into Peter Lynch last week who told me what you were up to. Plan to do the same in 2012 so will watch blog with interest.

    Congartulations on your new arrival

    Best regards, Philip Alberry

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