A Quickie – well that’s how it started……..

July 11, 2010

Well, this is just a fairly brief note to keep things up to date, as we’re now in Sardinian waters, having made the 200 mile crossing from Menorca.  We left there on 8 July and arrived, tired but happy yesterday morning at about 8am.

We left from Addaya, having had a very eventful week or so beforehand. 

The wonderful protected anchorage at Addaya

On 1 July we made a brief and somewhat abortive visit to Mahon.  We anchored in a very pleasant anchorage on the north side of Mahon bay and were delighted to see a Dutch couple who had been on the same dock as us in Barcelona through the winter.  We had a very pleasant drink and chat with them on board their boat, ‘Modesty’ & then did a brief recce of the bay in the tender that first evening.  However a view of the fortifications on the headlands was all we were destined to see of Mahon because the next day we were told by the Port Authority that the anchorage had just been deemed a safe refuge only and that everyone needed to move.  As the only other options were moorings or marina berths for which we would have to pay we decided to push off and make our way back round the north coast to Fornells where we were due to meeting Stunning Ruin, Terri, and her family within a couple of days.

Look - no lifejackets. Terri, Iain and Helen put their trust in the Skipper....

On 4 July, Terri, her husband Iain and daughter Helen came to visit us on board whilst we were at anchor in Fornells.  We were stuck there because we’d had to organize the replacement of the alternator on the engine.  This bit of kit supplies all our electricity when we’re at anchor and it had decided to go wibble and try and cook the batteries.  We ordered a replacement which was obtained at exorbitant cost for us within a couple of days but couldn’t move the boat in the meantime, as the old alternator had been removed to ensure a matching part was obtained.

We had a great day out with Terri and her family on 5 July whilst waiting for the alternator, including a trip to El Toro, the highest point on Menorca with great views of the island and an evening meal at a restaurant in Fornells.  The new alternator arrived the following evening and I fitted it and generally sorted things out for our departure on the evening of 6 July.  We couldn’t leave earlier, as that would have had us arriving in the dark, which we wanted to avoid if possible as we were going into a strange anchorage.

On top of El Toro, the highest point in Menorca. Fornells in the background - Rampage is there somewhere!

All went well, with much shopping and general route planning taking place until we started to pack things away ready for departure.  It was then discovered that the autopilot and depth finder weren’t working.  This led to me stripping out the switch board again and chasing what I hoped would be the lose connection; after a good deal of cursing and jiggling things round, the instruments finally decided to play again.  We set off to refuel and top up with water but when we got to the fuel berth we were told that we couldn’t have any water!  Seeing as we were down to the dregs in the bottom of the tank, this was a bit of a blow.

Britain's lasting contribution to Menorcan culture - Martello Towers to keep the French out. J visited this one whilst I fixed the motor.

We decided to go to back to Addaya, where we knew we could get water easily but by this time it was getting a bit late, so we decided to postpone our departure for Sardinia by 24 hours, dropped anchor there and went to visit Terri in her villa, inviting them all out for a day sail the next day before we set off for Sardinia.  And that’s what happened!  Gentle sail along the coast with the cruising chute, lunch and swimming in a lovely bay before returning to Addaya to drop them off and setting off for Sardinia by about 5pm.

The honourable retirement of our venerable Spanish courtesy flag as we entered Italian waters.

The crossing was completely uneventful, we only saw a couple of ships in the whole 200 miles and, frankly, the only problem was staying awake whilst on watch!  We arrived in Porto Conte near Alghero at 8.30am yesterday morning where we failed to find anywhere to shop or have a meal so we were reduced to having a tin of M&S chicken in white wine sauce for supper.  We set off again just after 6am this morning and we’re now in Stintino Marina, before we launch ourselves on an invasion of Corsica. 

The Skipper catches a well deserved 40 winks whilst the mate has nothing better to do than take photos.

Leaving Porto Conte anchorage at 0640 (I'd forgotten that this early existed) this morning.




  2. Happy Birthday, First Mate!!!
    Glad to hear the old M&S tinned chicken has come in handy. Hope the Skipper has provided more exciting cuisine in honour of your birthday.
    Lovely to see the Patfields on board.
    Enjoy la belle Italia; see you in blighty very soon.

  3. J ~

    Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a wonderful day (tinned chicken, not withstanding). It’s been such a pleasure to keep reading of your adventures and the pictures make a wonderful addition to the story.

    We’re still hoping to plan a visit, perhaps when you’ve determined your next winter-over stop?

    Also, do want to send Polly & Tommy something for their wedding but need a UK address or if they’re registered anywhere.

    Take care ~ have a drink for us!

    Love, Ruth and David

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