Plateria today, tomorrow…

October 1, 2010


Well, Plateria actually!

Having been in Gouvia for nearly a week, J and I have now got itchy feet again so we got up early (OK 8 am) and shopped and did boaty things before departing for Plataria, where we intend to stay until Saturday when we’re going back to Gouvia so we can go out to supper in the evening with the local residents.

The crossing was made on the motor, as the wind refused to play.  As we came into the bay here, we had seen a flotilla, all sailing in very poor wind making for the harbour.  Seeing as there were about 15 boats, we decided that we should try and beat them in, as they’d take up a lot of the free space.  We did so and got moored up before they all arrived.  Needless to say, they didn’t take anywhere near all the available space but as the afternoon progressed, it became obvious that there were lots of boats trying to get in here this evening.  The place is now so full that there are boats anchored in the middle of the harbour, not something you see much of in this part of the world.

After another amazing sunset, we settled down to spag boll and I was going to put this up on the blog.  No such luck.  Ah well, perhaps something will happen tomorrow for me to include if we manage to get on line.

Somehow, the connection here this morning is better than last night – go figure.  Below is a pic of the sunset last night, just to show that it’s different from the one in the post last week…

Plateria sunset, 30 Sep 10


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