Alongside in Gouvia

October 5, 2010

In line with an earlier announced policy, this is the update for the period ended today.  Since I was last allowed to post on the site, nothing much has happened as the weather has been too iffy for a long trip and too wet for a short one.  We did a load of washing the other day – or perhaps that should read I did a lot of washing, ably supervised by J.  Indeed, that was the major occupation for Sunday, which thankfully was nice and sunny.

The Skipper and his washing machine

We had some chores to take care of today – new gas bottle, interview with port police to get the DEPKA stamped, some shopping and a chat with the marina staff to settle on our over wintering berth.  The plan was then to trog off to a nearby anchorage for tonight and then come back in on Tuesday to take up our new berth.

Well, the best laid plans and all……  The marina staff were only too happy to give us a new place and we’ve moved down closer to the office and facilities with a good few boats between us and the north winds.  The port police weren’t interested in our DEPKA (cruising log), despite telling us to get it stamped once a month when they issued it to us.  J did the shopping and found a new gas bottle (half the price of gas in either Italy or Spain) and we were all ready to bimble off for the day when it rained!  So we peered at the sky, consulted the oracle and decided to stay put.  Once the rain had stopped, we decided to move down to our new berth and not bother going out again before J goes to UK.

So that’s us.  Chilled out and waiting for the promised storms to start arriving tomorrow – they’re due to last until Thursday morning, so we’ve stocked up on things to munch whilst sitting in the boat, reading books and watching DVDs. 

That lot was written yesterday.  This morning we cycled into Corfu town to get some photo paper so J has some hardcopy pictures to show round when she’s back in UK.  We managed to beat the rain back to Gouvia and are now settling in for the rain to fully arrive.  Keep watching this site for more thrilling episodes of sea gypsy life.



  1. Glad to see you’re keeping it all ship shape while Her Ladyship is away xxx

  2. The washing was done before I left, though I understand that more has gone on since. However, what ever happened about regular updates? That was short-lived! The moment I turn my back it all goes to rack and ruin! Will have to get busy when I get back. xx

    • Firstly, things have not gone to wrack and ruin since Madam disappeared on her swan back to UK. I’ve been at work doing all those little jobs that accumulate when She Who Must Be Obeyed insists on cruising all the time. Second, although I did do a good deal of washing before she left, there was still a considerable quantity that I found she had concealed from me, which I have now done as she would have given me grief for not doing it if it hadn’t been done…..
      I do hold up my hand for not having done much in the way of blogs but then again she hasn’t bothered letting anyone know what she’s been up to either!

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