Julia goes visiting!

November 7, 2010

Grand-daughter, Lily Byrne aged 7 months

 Well our ambition to produce short posts every few days has been spectacularly unsuccessful but not to worry. In view of the fact that I took a pop at the Skipper for being dilatory in posting anything up in my absence, I think it is my turn to write something now. I have been back in Corfu for just over a week after a wonderful trip to the UK and Ireland and will bring you up to date with what we’ve been doing since then in my next post. First though, a short resume of my trip:

The first few days were spent at the home of Duncan’s sister, Jinny. She had invited her daughter Anna, to come and stay with her little girl, Eleanor (just 1 year) and at the same time invited Naomi and her three: Charlie (nearly 6,) Jessie (4½) and Lily (7 months.) I felt that this was far too much fun to miss and therefore asked if I could come and join them. It was lovely to spend time with them all and Jinny’s husband, Charlie (aka Big Charlie) coped remarkably well with so many women and children invading his peace. It probably helped his sanity that he needed to be out working on the farm most of the time! The weather was beautiful for this first part of my trip – a real Indian summer and Naomi’s children loved the big rambling farmhouse and enormous supply of lego! On the Sunday Jinny and Duncan’s parents and their other brother, Mike and sister, Susie joined us for lunch and then most people went for a walk in the autumn sunshine. Sadly I have no pictures to share with you of my time at Bank Farm due to poor admin on my part (the memory card on my camera was full so I couldn’t take any pictures while I was there.)

As well as the time with the family, I also managed to see our great friends and former neighbours, Jean and Al Mossford, Sally and John Pollard and other “drinking friends” from the Red Lion in Malpas, some of the ladies from St Joseph’s UCM and my friend Paula from my days at M&S Money.

Jessie in her favourite "Sleeping Beauty" outfit

Naomi and I then travelled back to Ireland together with her three littles. The journey was longer than it need have been due to the fact that we managed to miss the train from Chester and as a consequence, also the ferry from Holyhead, but apart from that all went well. I spent nearly two weeks in Ashbourne, playing and looking after grandchildren, meeting some of Naomi’s friends and generally having a really lovely time. The house was decorated for Halloween and on several occasions so were the children! Lily learnt to blow raspberries while I was there, (an invaluable life skill,) Jessie and I decorated one another with face paints one day and Charlie managed to get into the most indescribable mess eating spaghetti, aided and abetted by Granny. It was fabulous.

Susie also had a trip to Ireland then and we were able to travel back together, stopping briefly to drop off baby things for my nephew Rob and his girlfriend Katie who are expecting a baby later this month.

Mr Spagetti Face!

The last part of my trip was spent staying with my dear friend, Maggie and her mother, Betty. Polly, bless her, drove all the way up from Cornwall to join us for a couple of days which was just fantastic. Mags’ brother, Richard, together with his wife and daughter came over for lunch one day and my last night, Maggie’s sister, Helen, came up from her home in South Wales so I saw most of the Williams family while I was there! As well as that I managed to spend an evening with other friends from M&S Money and Maggie and I even met up with our friend and fellow “Stunning Ruin” Kath. Kathryn lives outside Newcastle but came over with her daughter, Josie, to visit her parents who live in the Wirral, where we joined them all for lunch. On my last morning in UK, Maggie drove me over to Wrexham to visit Mike’s wife Jane who is recovering from an operation and then it was off to Manchester and the flight back to Gouvia. Packing to return had been quite a challenge as I had been doing a bit of shopping while home and in addition, D had been shopping online for the boat. Among other things I had to find space for 35 metres of rope to make new Genoa sheets which alone weighed 5 kilos! However I managed to get it all back safely and with no excess baggage charges and received a warm welcome from the Skipper on my return.

Lunch at "Clifton", the Williams' family home

I had a wonderful trip and it was just so great to see everyone. A very big thank you to everyone for their hospitality! My only regret is that Duncan was quite surprised that I had not spent more money while I was away. I’m sure I could have done better if only I’d known ….

Lunch with the Mannix family!



  1. Lilly is a little Jonno!!

    Wonderful to see you, do come and stay with me when you come back in 2011.

  2. It was so lovely to see you and Mags. Hope the Skipper had kept up standards while you were away. xxx

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