Happy New Year and All That…….

January 6, 2011

Well, J wrote last time on here that she didn’t think that we’d post very often this winter as there wasn’t much going on.  Since that post went up, I don’t think we’ve stopped…..

Happy New Year from the Skipper.


The weather over the past few days has been much better, very light winds from the north with little or no cloud and lovely warm sun, although the nights are perishing once the sun goes down.  The key thing though is the sunshine, which is great.

J went down with a very minor version of my flu/cold/terminal lurgy but was over it in a day, although we both still have somewhat bunged up noses.  Perhaps getting out in the fresh air will help clear things up a bit.

We had Corinne and Claudio round for supper last Thursday night; we gave them a chicken curry and they brought a wonderful chocolate salami with them for pud.  Corrine has promised J the recipe, so if we can make it work, we’ll put it up on the blog.  Who knows, this might be the start of a new venture.

And from the Mate


We had a great time on New Year’s Eve.  We started off with drinks on ‘Arwen’, a boat just over the pontoon from us.  There were 20 of us on board at one point, all drinking as if the world was about to end!  Eventually, we moved off the boat and went to a local taverna, where most of the rest of the floating population of Gouvia had gathered for an evening of karaoke and drinking.   By this time J was going well and had gone past the point of no return.  She had a splendid time, dancing with anything wearing trousers, singing along with the karaoke and generally behaving like a delinquent student.  At about 1.30 or so, I took her back to ‘Rampage’, as I thought that if I left it any later, I’d have to carry her the whole way home. 

As it was, it took us about ½ an hour to walk back to the boat – usually it takes all of about 10 minutes.  I don’t think I need to give you any further details but suffice it to say that J had a great time but sadly remembered little of it in the morning……..  Indeed, she avoided getting up in the morning with a hangover by the simple expedient of remaining in bed until the afternoon.  We put off finishing the servicing of the winches until Sunday!

J servicing the port winches after recovering from New Year's Eve

Since New Year, we’ve been to supper on board ‘Time Out’, had Steve and Tanya round for drinks and welcomed Bern and Alan back from their Christmas trip to UK.  If the pace of life keeps going at this rate, there won’t be much of us left to go to the UK in a week’s time.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on James and Chrissie’s boat ‘Bear Necessity’; marking up the anchor chain, repairing some chips in the gel coat and some other general maintenance.  It’s kept me out of mischief and she’s looking very good.

Hard at work on Bear Necessity


Today is a public holiday here to celebrate Epiphany and much was made in the run up of a ceremony to take place in the marina.  We were promised that a band would play and the local priest would make a blessing and then throw a large crucifix into the water, whereupon a horde of young men would leap into the water to retrieve it, winning kudos for the coming year.  It was to take place after a church service and would start at about 1030……

Alan and Bern, Claudio and Corinne and the Skipper await the arrival of the swimmers.


So, we turned up a little after that, as we know that things tend to run a little late over here.  We hung round and other folk started to appear and then it started to rain a bit and we took shelter.  Then the church bells rang and we thought it wouldn’t be long before things started to happen.  No.  The priest and band finally appeared at about midday.  With little pause, the priest launched into a protracted prayer and blessing, surrounded on the one side by the band and on the other by – well, 3 blokes in swimming trunks, all watched by a horde of well dressed locals.

3 swimmers ready to fetch the crucifix


After carrying on for about 15 minutes, the priest flung a pocket-sized crucifix on the end of a long tape into the water, the 3 blokes dove into the water and swam out to it, one grabbed it and they all swam back to the side.  Immediately, the band reformed and marched off into the distance, whilst the priest reclaimed his crucifix and the swimmers disappeared in the direction of the shower block to warm up and get dressed.  I think this must represent the non event of the year. 

Corrine and Claudio retreated to their own boat to warm up whilst Alan and Bern joined us in hot chocolate on ‘Rampage’ before they went back to their own boat to continue unpacking.  And that brings you up to date on the happenings in Gouvia for the moment.  J is working on her own blog at the moment – something to do with language she says….. 

Anyway, a happy New Year to you all.


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