The Return of the Exiles

March 10, 2011

Well, here we are back in Gouvia Marina, Corfu after an extended trip home to visit just about everyone we could think of going to visit.  We left here on 14 January and arrived back on 8 March – seven weeks away!  Rampage is fine, having been in the care of our neighbours Alan and Bern.  We’ve done little since we returned except realise that we’re broke, try to find places to stow all the kit we’ve brought back from UK and, in the interim, sleep lots.

Now, a quick plea to all of you.  Whatever phone number you may have for Julia and I, please make sure that you only have one number for us from now onwards – 07872225781.  This is because J’s phone won’t work properly out here, so we’re just going to switch it off from now on.  So there it is; one phone number for us and that number is 00447872225781.

We’ll do a proper blog update shortly, once we’re a little more organised.  Watch this space!

P.S.  We had a brilliant trip back to UK & Ireland and would like to thank the following for their welcome, hospitality and friendship during our trip:

James and Chrissy Willment

Jonno and Lucy Byrne

Madeleine Aylett

Margaret Price (Stunning Ruin)

Paul and Cherry Ludley

Ian, Barbara, Bronwen and Megan Thomas and Judith Miles

Andy and Diana Anderson

Polly and Tommy Tonkins

Linda Seacombe

Pete, Tig, Annabel and Oliver Barry

Mike, Jane & Eve Byrne

Lots of colleagues and friends from M&S Money including and in no particular order, Nic Thornley, Lorraine Coxon, Rachel Timms, Diana Knowles, Nic Dreyfus, Lisa Jones, Rachael Guinness, Sue Billington, Tcherina Vaughan-Griffiths, Caroline Peacock, Alison Lonergan, Dee Hayes

Helen Clarke (M&SM)

The other Stunning Ruins aka Kathryn Mannix Wright & Terri Lydiard

Tracey Thorne (M&SM) plus Samuel, Helena Jones and Osbert Guinness

Paula Mclatchie

Susie Byrne

Jinny and Charlie Davies

Betty Williams

Alec and Jean and younger Al Mossford and Sally and John Pollard

Peter and Pam Lynch, Toby and Holly

Betty Young

Julie, Richard & Ben Horovitz

Robert Thomas, Katie Faulkner and Eric

Joy and Alan Byrne

Ken and Nomie Byrne, Charlie, Jess and Lily

Pat and Philip Bray

Linda Jeckells

Liz Thomas and John O’Riordan


One comment

  1. It was so lovely to see you and to catch up with all the Stunning Ruins’ news. Many thanks to the bearded delivery Kipper who dropped Tom’s academicals box off in Liverpool for hi, too.
    Bon voayage for the new season.
    Love to you both xxx

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