What’s Going On With The Weather???

June 2, 2013





This blog is something of an experiment as we are writing and posting it using the iPad. this means it will probably be shorter than usual and won’t include most of the photos we have taken, but does enable us to bring you up to date.

Duncan stayed on board “Rampage” while J was in Ireland visiting the grandchildren. He had decided to bite the bullet and pay for a marina berth as there are no facilities ashore at the anchorages in Porto Conte. As it turned out, this proved no bad thing as the weather was extremely windy and he was able to watch all the antics in the harbour in the comfortable knowledge that “Rampage” was safe and sound. He had a fairly quiet time although he did a few maintenance jobs on board and when J retuned he was able to install the new chart plotter which we had bought on eBay, had delivered to Polly in Cornwall who duly took it to Ireland with her, bless her, and handed over to her mother. A somewhat convoluted delivery trip! Duncan was also able to finish wiring a new, much larger radio antenna as J had picked up the requisite cable while in Ireland.

We can’t put captions on the photos! So from the top: J knitting the Skipper a wooly hat ‘cos it’s cold, Rampage on the town quay, one of the old tune boats and a backstreet in Carloforte.

Her visit went very well; not only were there all the excitements of Charlie’s 1st Communion but Jessica brought forward the date for her birthday party for Granny’s benefit! The weather too, was pretty good over there – warmer indeed than that which greeted her on her return!

We were obliged to wait several more days in Alghero before we were finally able to escape last Monday and head south. Having waited some time for the wind to abate sufficiently to enable us to depart, it then died completely and we had to motor all day in a flat calm. The wind only started to pick just as we were entering the Golfo Di Oristano, about halfway down the western coast of Sardinia, where we stopped for the night. Seeing a few other boats at anchor, we did likewise but had barely turned all the instruments off when we were told that if we intended to stay the night we needed to pick up a mooring buoy so we duly did as instructed. Next morning, after a rather windy,bumpy night, we set off at about 07:30 and as with the previous day, were obliged to motor all the way as the wind had disappeared. Not only does the wind keep failing to co-operate but it has been intermittently grey, rainy and fairly chilly for the past three weeks. We keep being told by various Italians that it is most untypical for the time of year but this is poor comfort, frankly!

We had an uneventful trip down to Carloforte where we had arranged to meet up with friends Lee and Joan from “Wishbone”. Unfortunately when we entered the harbour we didn’t know where they were berthed and, naturally, picked the opposite side of the harbour from where they turned out to be staying. This was particularly irritating as we handed over €39 for a berth at Marina Sifreda when they had negotiated a rate of €20 a night for us in Marinatour where they are staying. In fact, however, we moved onto the town quay the following day and have been here free of charge ever since which has been great.

We had thought we would only have a night or so with Lee and Joan before we pressed on towards Greece and “Wishbone” continued on her way to the Balearics. However, once again the weather has intervened and strong winds have prevented either of us from leaving. The compensation has been that Carloforte has turned out to be a charming little place and particularly lively just this week as they celebrate the annual tuna festival. Whatever your feelings about the continuing practice of corralling the tuna in net “basins” for an exceptionally bloody slaughter, thankfully we did not have to witness it and I have to admit that the fiesta atmosphere around town has been fun. There has been lots of food and wine tastings, some great live music and all the usual food and craft stalls etc along the waterfront.

Joan and Julia went together to a wine tasting last night. Since neither of them speak more than a word or two of Italian, the spiel about what they were sampling was completely lost on them but they had an excellent time none the less. (Duncan did not join them since he is recovering from the cold which J generously passed on to him, courtesy of no.2 granddaughter, Lily, and Lee didn’t bother as he’s not a wine drinker!). Tonight however, we all plan to go out for a meal together before going our separate ways. Unless the weather forecast changes again, we plan to make a single hop to Vulcano in the Aeolian Islands, departing here tomorrow and arriving, all being well, sometime in the early hours of Thursday. News of how we get on will be in our next post.

Photos below are: more street scenes in Carloforte and folks enjoying the tuna festival.





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