Polly has fun in the sun

August 6, 2013

We left you breathless after Susie’s visit as we sought to sort out Rampage before Polly arrived on 26 August, including doing a mountain of laundry, laying in victuals for a few days and generally having a bit of a dig out on board. We anchored once again under the Old Citadel in Corfu town so as to be close to the airport and had a relaxed evening before suddenly realising that time was slipping by and making a dash ashore: failing to find a taxi immediately on landing resulted in a fine, brisk walk to the main square before we found one. We still made it to the airport in plenty of time and then made our way back on board.


Looking at the Log Book reveals a surprise, as we departed the anchorage the next day at 10.15 – I could have sworn it was much later than that, as the girls had sat up until lord knows when putting the world to rights and catching up on gossip. We went to Syvota again, anchoring in more or less the same spot as we’d been in with Susie, having visited the caves again en route, except that Polly and J swam in rather than taking the dinghy.


We had a BBQ on board that evening – much easier to eat chops at a table – and, once again, the ladies sat up until the small hours. After a trip ashore for essential provisions the day was spent flopping in and out of the water to keep cool, as the temperature was in the low thirties. J and Polly did a lot of snorkelling, which led to what is possibly a unique incident in the annals of the sport. Somehow (no rational explanation has yet been provided), J managed to head butt a sea urchin. She returned to the boat with an impressive collection of spines sticking out of her forehead, which took Polly some time to remove, once we’d both stopped giggling. The mess was improved by my administration of some spray antiseptic, which left a large brown splodge on J’s forehead. Strangely, I can’t find any of the collection of pictures I recall taking….


We left the next day, heading for Gaios. As the picture above shows, we finally got a bit of wind on the trip, using the cruising chute for the first time this year; Polly took the picture from the dinghy on the end of a long line from the stern. In Gaios we once again moored in the northern part of the harbour and sorted a key card out for the water and electricity post, so we had a full charge on the batteries for once.


The next day (Tuesday 30 Jul), we hired scooters to explore the island. The kitten above was found on our first stop at Logos; it is part of a delightful population of cats in the village, all of which seem to be very photogenic and appreciated by both the local residents and visitors. We carried on from there to Lakka on the north of the island where we had lunch before heading to the south of the island for cold drinks and ice creams. Unfortunately, riding a scooter seems to disagree with my lower back, so I retired hurt whilst Polly took J off to the beach for a swim. This nearly resulted in disaster, as Polly had never had pillion passenger before……. They managed not to get themselves trapped under a dropped scooter and not to hit anything in the chaos that is Gaios.

The next day my back was still causing trouble, so Polly and J took the dinghy and went off swimming whilst I took things easy. The rest of the day passed in similar fashion before we went out to supper at the same little place we went to with Susie, a real break from the taverna mould.

This left us with one more night before Polly’s flight back to UK, so we decided to sail up to Petriti on Corfu, about 2 hours sailing away from the town. Again, we struck lucky with the wind and managed to sail for a good deal of the way.

OK, I know there’s no sails in the photo, but the picture above shows Polly at the helm under sail. Petriti is a small village about half way up the east coast of Corfu. It has a small harbour and a good muddy bottom for anchoring. We got there late afternoon and spent the evening barbecuing an enormous bag of prawns. The following morning, J and Polly took the dinghy ashore to dump rubbish and get water and food. When they reappeared, they brought with the an entire rack of lamb chops for supper.

The trip up to Corfu town was short and uneventful. Polly and J followed their established pattern by getting into the water as soon as we arrived. This time, Polly hit on the ultimate answer to how to stay cool and read your book….


Polly’s flight was late – after eleven pm – so we had supper first, albeit earlier than normal. We each had large quantities of lamb chops with potato salad. We couldn’t quite manage the whole lot of them – one got saved for lunch the following day….. We put Polly into a taxi to the airport at about ten pm, glad to know that Tommy had arranged to meet her at Bristol and spend the night in a local hotel rather than driving all the way to Falmouth that night. We meandered back to Rampage feeling a little flat after her visit.

The next day, I explored the area away from the town centre and finally found some “real” shops where we could get victuals, thus making the anchorage really viable. We think we will stay here as a default setting when in Corfu. That evening, we tried out J’s birthday present, a small handheld GPS that I’d got Polly to bring out from UK. It’s less obvious than the iPad for finding geocaches. We found one cache in the warren of back streets in the old tow of Corfu but failed to find two others: if we’d had the iPad with us, the details give would have helped us out!

The view from the Old Citadel, looking north, quite made up for failing to find the cache! We returned the following evening and found both caches we failed to locate the day before.

Yesterday, we moved round to the Gouvia anchorage to tackle the laundry pile before it overwhelms us. We met up with Glynis, our old friend fro Gouvia days, at Spiti Prifiti and she has said that she’ll do the laundry, so we’re going ashore soon to have lunch in the bar where she works and drop off the heap. And that’s it. All up to date. Our next visitor is J’s sister Lizzie, who arrives on 14 August for a week before Andy arrives on 23!

Lizzie will be bringing a new box of electronic whizz bangery to make the battery charging more efficient, as the batteries have been struggling to keep pace with the demands placed on them by the fridge in the hot weather. Watch this space for the fun and games involved in fitting them!


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  1. What a wonderful time you had with Polly!! Can’t believe that Dinky didn’t kitty nap that kitten!!

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