Work and friends….

August 23, 2016

OK. I know that there isn’t much going on but feel that I ought to keep folks up to date with our meanderings round the Ionian. Over the past few weeks we’ve done a bit of work, met up with several friends and generally done not much else.

Curly Sue about to be lifted at Cleopatra.

Work first. The sale of Curly Sue did fall through: Julio the feckless Italian didn’t go through with the purchase, so J and I spent a busy couple of days getting her out of the water for Andy. Why does hard graft always seem to coincide with the hottest weather?
As to friends, well, there’s been a fair few. Claudio and Corrine met us in Preveza on their way north to Corfu. We had a great couple of days catching up with all their news and letting them know what we’d been doing. As we hadn’t seen them for a couple of years, there was a lot to talk about.

Rampage sitting at anchor in Abelike Bay, well out from the madding crowd.

Before that, we’d met up with Eelco. He’s a Dutchman, living in Switzerland who sails a small catermerran. She only draws about 90 cms (as opposed to Rampage who draws close to 2 metres) and as a consequence he can go places where it’s too shallow for us. After a fairly well lubricated supper we agreed to try to follow him to a small place called Koronisia. We chickened out as the depths under our keel were showing less than a metre some distance from the harbour. Having run aground at Rocella Ionica a few years back we were in no mood to repeat the performance in an onshore wind….
We later had an email from him telling how he had broken his arm whilst accepting a tow after engine failure. He is now back home in Switzerland recovering from what must have been a nasty incident.

Cruise ship sitting at anchor just north of Skorpios Island near Nidri.

Then there was Sandy and Mike, our neighbours from Cornwall. Again, a super couple of days in Varko Bay, about 5 miles east of Nidri. We were both a little short of rations when we met, as we’d both been caught out by a Greek public holiday on 15 August which pretty well closed down Lefkas and Preveza….. But we managed to sort a couple of suppers out between us before we went our separate ways.
Whenever we go into Abelike Bay on Meganisi, we are bound to be greeted by Marilyn and Otto. They provided shelter for a rat shocked J when we had the RAT and never fail to stop by when they spot us. Same again this time and, as we often do, we joined them ashore for supper one evening.

Interestingly, they told us of a couple they’d met who had been encouraged to go sailing by, in part, reading our blog! So, Ales and Nina of yacht Moja, we hope to meet sometime when you’re next in the Ionian: J and I are pretty sure we’ve seen your yacht, next time we will come over and say hello.
Right. Time is marching on and we have just on three weeks before we return to the UK. We plan on remaining here off Kastos for a few days more, then probably head north to Paxos before heading into Preveza marina for a couple of nights before we lift out. And then it’s back to a life of idleness for me and hard graft for Julia as the Autumn term starts……


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  1. Lovely to hear that your blog is encouraging others to sail!

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